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מסע Masa is the Hebrew word for "journey."​

In every generation, our people have wandered, and yet maintained a sense of connection and purpose. Our Jewish journey has always demanded both a devotion to tradition and an intrepid spirit of innovation.​ At Masa Seattle, we strive to embrace the ideal of Rav Kook, who said "We shall make the old new and the new sacred."

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At Masa Seattle, we aim to inspire Jews on the fringe of communal life to discover the deep and meaningful joys of Judaism by creating intimate, informal and judgement free gatherings for Jewish learning and living.

Our Six Core Values

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The Jewish world is always evolving. Masa Seattle is committed to maintaining a model of experimentation that is open, nimble and constantly curious to discover new and meaningful ways to live a whole-hearted, inspired Jewish life.


Loving Kindness

We believe the fate of humanity rests on our willingness and ability to be loving towards one another. This belief dictates full inclusivity of people from all backgrounds, sexual orientations, lifestyles and viewpoints, yet we are exclusive to those who are committed to building a community founded on chesed, loving kindness. We call it a "curated community of kindness."



Creating deep, personal connections is "baked-in" to everything we do. Masa Seattle is a community that is very intentional about fostering organic interactions that lead to lifelong friendships.


Personal Growth

Human beings are always in the process of becoming. We believe personal growth and self-betterment are the hallmarks to whole-hearted Jewish living. We are a community committed to fostering that growth and helping our members reach their full, God-given potential.


Empowered Choice

We assert there is no single "right way" to be Jewish, and that meaningful, educated choices are the hallmark of what it means to be an engaged 21st century Jew.


Jewish Authenticity

We are a Torah-centered community that believes our sacred texts are powerful and our Jewish values are life-affirming. At Masa Seattle, we create Jewish gatherings, rather than simply gatherings of Jews.

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