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Our Leadership Philosophy

As a community that cares about faces more than spaces and people over property, our most valuable asset is YOU! We invest in the people that are, or will become, the backbone of our community. As a board member or lay-leader, we want to give you the skills you need to excel, not just at Masa Seattle, but in your own personal and professional life. Throughout the year, we bring in professionals from around the country to teach our leaders best practices around budgeting, public speaking, fundraising, conflict resolution and much more. We take the time to thoughtfully onboard our lay leaders so that they not only understand their roles and responsibilities, but feel connected to one another and the larger goal of enriching the Jewish community. We study together, pray together, play together and lead together. At Masa Seattle, serving is a pleasure, and you are not simply part of a board or a committee, but a loving, supportive team.

Here are some of our guiding principles for leadership at Masa Seattle

  • We practice "Radical Candor" by caring deeply for one another while also challenging each other directly when tough decision need to be made.

  • We are dedicated to openness, transparency, collaboration and compromise.

  • We strive to always put the needs of the community before our own personal interests.

  • We believe that growth means change and improvement should be continuous.

  • We constantly challenge the anti-change mentality of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" or "this is the way it has always been done."

  • We embrace the sacred task of re-imagining and re-invigorating what it means to live Jewishly.

If this sounds like the kind of leadership opportunity you have been waiting for, please contact us today!

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