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A High Holiday Experience Like Never Before!

You likely have many memories of being in a stuffy synagogue with hundreds, if not thousands, of people you've never met before, wearing uncomfortable clothing and counting the number of pages left until you get to the end of the prayer book.


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Yom Kippur: Starting Fresh

Sunday, Sept. 24th @6:30 PM
Monday, Sept. 25th @10:00 AM

Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, is often thought of as the most solemn holiday in the Jewish calendar, but really, it should be the most rejuvenating. This year, join your friends at Masa Seattle as we "wipe the slate clean", letting go of last year's worries and mistakes and starting the New Year off fresh. We will have 25 hours to sing, reflect, meditate, rest, learn new things, and prepare ourselves for a wonderful year ahead.

Space is limited! CLICK HERE to see our amazing schedule of unique offerings and sign up today.

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