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 ברית של חסד Brit of Loving Kindness
Our Membership Covenant

Before anyone officially becomes a member of Masa Seattle, we ask that they read and sign a brit, or covenant, in order to be a part of our community. Why? Because, so often, when rules are implicit, rather than explicit, people can run afoul of them unintentionally. By having an explicit code of conduct, we protect our members as individuals and our community as a whole from those few bad apples that spoil the whole bunch. Our brit allows us to create and maintain the "curated community of kindness" that is the cornerstone of our unique community.

Lovingly Engage

Living a whole-hearted, joyous Jewish life requires engagement. I take it upon myself to engage with others, welcome guests, eschew cliquishness, and give my full attention and enthusiasm when I participate in classes, services and events.

Take Ownership

I will give credit where credit is due and take responsibility for my own actions. I will not create or perpetuate a culture of blame in my community. In return, I will be granted forgiveness when I sincerely apologize and do t'shuvah-sincerely seek forgiveness.

Share Space

I will make space for others in conversations and openly invite others to share. I will refrain from making others, by word or deed, feel undervalued or dismissed. I will speak openly and candidly, but never attack someone for having a different perspective or viewpoint.


Within my means, I will financially support my community and give of my time and talents when I am able.

Assume good intent

Judaism teaches that we are all made in the image of God, but we are all human and sometimes make mistakes. Acknowledging that simple truth is essential to being Jewish. When I unintentionally hurt someone with my words or actions, I will apologize and work to better myself in the future. When I feel hurt or wronged, I will engage in the Jewish process of tochechah-loving rebuke-by working to resolve that hurt directly, privately, and with the goal of helping the transgressor to improve.

Be Open

I will be open to new ideas. Although I may have strong opinions on a particular subject, I will hold them loosely and be open to different ways of thinking. I will not try to force my opinions or viewpoints on others. I will put the needs of the community above my own.

No Lashon HaRah

I will not engage in lashon ha'rah-gossip. I will address concerns directly with individuals in a private and respectful way. I will not build myself up by putting others down. I will create both safe spaces and brave spaces by allowing others to share their thoughts and opinions and maintain confidentiality when asked. 

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